Performance Profiler Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (2022 Wave 1)

Posted on 11-Apr-2022 by Manish Mutha


In 2022 Wave 1, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central has released a view Performance of Data / Coding within the Business Central Application. This will help Developer and Customer view the Performance Issue and resolve it to optimize functionality.

What is the purpose?

Profiling allows you to collect data about performance and analyze this data with the goal of optimizing a certain area in the code or a certain process.

Performance Profiler (24, Card)

What type of data is provided by the Performance Profiler?

Following data will be provided on the Performance Profiler Page.

  • Active Apps: This will provide information on Apps used for business operation processes.

  • Time Spent by Apps: This will provide information on App's wise Time Spent.

Time Spent by Application Object:

This will be a drill-down of each app and will bifurcation of Time Spent by each App and Each Object wise.

Call Tree: This section will provide Code wise Time Spent on each object.



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