Developing RDL Report for Business Central

Posted on 31-Oct-2019 by Manish Sharma


Creating new report using visual studio for business central.


SQL Server 2016 Report Builder ( This can be found in the Prerequisite Components folder -> SQL Server -> ReportBuilder3).

Visual Studio Code ( Latest Version).


Open visual studio code and create a new file

In Visual Studio code type treport and press enter.

Below is an example for the visual studio code.

report 50101 VendorList


  DefaultLayout = RDLC;

  RDLCLayout = ‘VendorList.rdl’;

  UsageCategory = Administration;

  ApplicationArea = All;



    dataitem(Vendor; Vendor)


       column(No_; “No.”){}




In the above two thing need to be taken care is the

DefaultLayout -It should be RDLC.

RDLCLayout – If contains the Name & the format .RDL (Report.rdl).

Defining the .rdl will create a rdl file for our report designing.

Once you have define all the related info into the report you need to build & publish the object.

This will create a Report.rdl file in you current project folder.

Before Publishing.

After Publishing – In the left pane (VendorList.rdl)

Now you need to design the Report layout using the report builder.

To do so go to the project folder and open the rdl file.

Below is the layout & dataset which are needed to design the layout of you report.


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