Dynamics 365 Business Central / Navision: How to Show Notes on Page & Report?

Posted on 08-Sep-2023 by Anil Verma

Hi, Readers.

Today I will demonstrate how to display notes on pages and reports in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Let's begin with an example: First, we start with the process of displaying the note on a page.

  1. This is the Customer List page, where we add notes.


  2. Add Note: This is my note!


  3. Create a procedure GetNote.


  4. Call the GetNote procedure in the place where you want to display the notes.


  5. In the My_Notes column of the Customer List page we can see This is my note!


Now, we start the process of displaying the note in the report.

  1. Create a Customer Data report and invoke the procedure GetNote in the column.

  2. Add DataSets to the layout. And don't forget to add a Note column to display the note.

  3. We can see This is my note! on report.

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