Inventory Over Receipt

Posted on 10-Apr-2023 by Sanjay Yadav

Scenario - Over Receipt of inventory items, suppose purchase order has created 100 PCS Qty but actual receipt QTY is more than 100 PCS. We can receipt more than order QTY based on over receipt.

Over Receipt Setup - Type over receipt setup in global search option. Where you can add over receipt code, like below in print screen, OVERRCPT10, OVERRCPT20 and OVERRCPT30. OVERRCPT30 is approval required can be configured.

Over Receipt Setup on Item Card 

Edit Item card and select defined over receipt in Inventory Tab.

Over Receipt Setup on Vendor Master

Edit vendor master and select defined over receipt code in Receiving Tab.

Over Receipt QTY in Purchase Order Line

Purchase order of an items code has created for 100 Qty but physical material has received 110 Qty. You cannot put receipt Qty more than 100 Qty, so select Over - ‘Receipt Quantity’ code which has. 

Assigned on item card and then Put receipt Qty 110. It will update Order Qty and Over Receipt Qty filed in purchase order line.

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