Microsoft Dynamics 365 for warehouse management

Posted on 16-Jun-2021 by Rohit Dubey Digital Marketing Specialist

Due to pandemic people are buying more online and less in-store. Starting a few months back, this was already a well-established trend that has been developing from long before the World had heard of Pandemic. 

Zebra Technologies authorised a Global research to identify and understand the trends and challenges affecting warehouse operations. 

The research asked the Industrial operational decision makers at each responding company their current and planned strategies for adding technology into their warehouses, distribution centres and fulfilment centres.


Planned over the next Five Years

Warehouses will expand in near future.

  • 88% are planning to increase in size of existing warehouses. 
  • 85% are planning to increase the number of warehouses (currently there are 3.5 million warehouses worldwide). 


Operations will be Modernised

  • 20% said they were introducing full automation 
  • 43% said automating some processes and having the rest manual 
  • 27% said augmenting workers with technology 

Why invested in Dynamics 365?

  • Data-driven decisions 
  • Data-driven insights 

  • Automating manual tasks with AI and machine learning 














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