Working with basic items fields in Business Central relevant for the warehouse department

Posted on 04-Sep-2023 by Kabinder Singh Rautela

In this blog we will only discuss about basic fields related to warehouse these fields are available in Basic licence.

Step 1:-  Search “Items” in Business Central.


Step 2:-  List will open.


Now we discuss about fields

  1. On the item tab, global trade item number or GTIN number is a field which related to warehouse dept. this basically defines what is the global identifier for this item number, this has specific structure defined by an international setup that we enter in here.

  2. In many firms they have item in different unit of measure then that should also be defined in Item Reference table and the GTIN numbers as Barcode. We can reach here from related tab

    After pressing the Item References, we get a new window where the user can fill required information.


  3. We can see that on the Inventory Tab there’s a field named as Shelf Number. Where a user can fill shelf number if they don’t use Bin codes in warehouse, it’s a normal text field.


  4. Also when we see on the right-hand side of the inventory tab, we can enter NET weight, gross weight and unit volume for the item, these are also fields, relevant to the warehouse normally.


  5. On Replenishment Tab There is a field named as Replenishment System in which we select Assembly if this item is an assembly item. We can say that the Assembly policy and Assembly Bom relevant to warehouse.


  6. On the Item Tracking Tab, we can define Item tracking code if we want to provide item tracking which can be either lot number based or serial number based, we can define number series for lot numbers and serial numbers and expiration date calculation formulas, if this item is handled by expiration date.

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