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Brief Introduction:   As you are aware GST Input Credit Mechanism is a complex and tedious process that may lead to errors and non-compliance in your tax reporting. We are here to help you with our solution built on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central / NAV / Navision to ensure that you claim the correct input tax credit, avoid any penalties or audits, manage your Parties more effectively, and have better controls in place within your ERP System.

Apart from our Solutions like GST E-Invoice, GST E-Way Bill, and GST Compliance; Leaping Frog Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has introduced a Solution “GST V-A-T” which will enable you to Validate, Automate, and Take Action tasks related to GST within Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software.

Our Solution Offers GST Automation which is built on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central / Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision :

  • Search GSTIN (GST Registration No.)
  • Verify Vendor / Customer KYC
  • Better Control on Non-Compliance Vendors / Suppliers
  • Auto Download GSTR 2B data from GST Portal
  • Handling Bulk Data
  • Auto GST Reconciliation
  • View Mis-match GST Purchase Data
  • Correctness and Effectiveness in Availing GST Input Credit
  • Verification of GSTIN / GST Registration No.
  • Auto-populate your Vendor / Supplier GST Return Data and this will help to know whether your vendor is compliant.
  • Restrict Document & Transaction for Non-Verified Vendor GSTIN
  • One Click GST Automation will reduce a huge amount of work and provide Correct and many more.

Key Benefits of GST V-A-T Solution:

  • Huge Reduction in Manhours to carry out GST related Controls on Documents & Transactions
  • Verify GST Registration and KYC of Parties / Vendors / Customers
  • Auto Fetching GSTR Data and Auto-Matching of GSTR2B with Purchase Data in One Click by doing GSTR2B Reconciliation
  • Avoid Loss of GST Input Credit
  • View GST Unreconciled Purchase Transactions and Send Email Reminder to Vendor / Suppliers
  • Better Controls on Processes for Non-Compliant Vendors / Suppliers
  • Efficient Management of Funds
  • Assist in Correct Reporting & Compliance

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