How Digital ERP Helps Businesses Accelerate Business Growth Transformation

Posted on 07-Oct-2022 by Sanket Naik

Digital transformation is vital for any business in this Digital World. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), was previously designed as an on-premise system for handling inventories and supply chains in the manufacturing industry. It gradually found its applicability in other departments and industries. Digital ERP systems have evolved onto the cloud and have presently transformed into intelligent ERP powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or we can say IoT (Internet of Things).

Let's see how Digital transformation boosts businesses in this competitive environment:

Efficient and Productive: Speeding up processes and streamlining operations through digital technologies. Just, for instance, robotic process automation (RPA) can perform outstandingly when compared to humans and with more accuracy. Moreover, business intelligence tools can collect and analyze data at a high speed and accuracy unmatched by humans. Employees use these analyses to make decisions faster than they could without modern technologies.

Microsoft ERP allows them to analyze and meet their customers' needs and other stakeholders. Industries also work faster and more attractively to compete positively in the marketplace.

Agility: Digital ERP gives you quick access to accurate data. Digital flexibility shortens your market time, develops new products and services, and modernizes easily. When it is set properly, it boosts the company's agility.

Being agile makes you react quicker to your customers, which leads to more ROI, less wastage, and significant risk management. For this objective, a business must have Digital ERP, a modernized IT infrastructure.

Customer Engagements: Microsoft ERP software allows you to collect, store and analyze customer data to analyze more about customers' preferences and requirements. Companies' data from digital ERP is used in modern day technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Data analytics to obtain greater insights, allowing them to develop products and services customized to each customer' unique choices.

Establishing Digital Culture: Employees with digital tools encourage a digital culture. As these tools provide a consistent way to collaborate, they also help to run the entire industry ahead digitally. This digital culture change is significant for businesses to be sustainable. It's the best way to upskill and learn virtual things from team members to take advantage of digital transformation.

Increase Revenue: Amitabh Kant, CEO of Niti Aayog claimed that digital transformation to drive the manufacturing sector on the back of AI, IoT, blockchains, cloud computing, and robotics can produce $1 trillion in economic value from the digital economy by 2025, from the current $200 billion.

The global digital economy, which was worth 11.5 trillion dollars in 2016, could currently be worth 15 trillion dollars. Now it's our time to capitalize on this massive global market opportunity.

So, Microsoft ERP software forms the key base for Digital transformation to deal with uncertainty and evolving customer expectations, resulting in boundless profitability and reduced business costs.

Flexible Resource Management: As industries transform, they will replace legal systems with advanced IT architectures designed to affiliate processes and smoothly enable the flow of data across respective departments. This end-to-end digital approach helps executives and IT leaders delete duplicate and spare technologies, as well as associated costs.

Review: Moreover, change is inevitable. A Digital ERP system not only guides businesses to act on the recently analyzed data but to succeed in future approaches - as long as the very purpose stays top of mind. Implementation of ERP system initiates clear expectations and KPIs, defines key roles and responsibilities, and must be carefully measured and discussed. Picking and implementing ERP systems requires many crucial decisions. At the beginning of your journey, a good bouquet of these fundamental elements will help to achieve the desired objectives.

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