PLM Integration Dynamics 365

Posted on 10-Dec-2021 by Rohit Dubey Digital Marketing Specialist

PLM Integration in Dynamics 365 

The PLM integration framework is a configurable tool that perform execution inside Dynamics 365. The engine of this framework is the Business Integration Solutions (BIS). It follows the de facto standard for configuration. It integrates between Dynamics 365 and other systems. BIS will make sure that your data is automatically imported into staging tables.  


While modifying or updating product data from your staging tables, many decisions related to product data must be made, such as:   

  1. Which type of data is already there, and how to interpret the data?   

  2. How to create new product revisions and Bill of Materials (BOM)?   
  3. How to update or overwrite existing item revisions and BOMs?   
  4. How to auto-approve and update BOMs on PLM status change?   
  5. How to manage local data (for example, local BOMs) within a multi-company environment?   
  6. How to communicate back to the PLM system when issues are found?   

The PLM integration framework manage answering these questions by using an easy-to-configure setup. For Various large companies, the PLM integration solution is out-of-the-box, which means it is pre-installed setup. This setup can easily be user-adjusted according to the needs of the individual customer.  



What do we integrate?   

The integration supports and allows sharing data from PLM to Dynamics 365. IT includes:   

  • Product data  
  • Revision data   
  • Product structure data   
  • Product URL   
  • Product documents   
  • Attributes   
  • Status information   
  • Engineering change information   
  • More data will be included in the future. 

Leaping Frog Solution Dynamics 365 PLM is the leading product lifecycle management (PLM) solution developed for the Microsoft AX and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. 


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