G/L Account Reconciliation

Posted on 10-Jan-2024 by Surya Singh

Hi Readers, today we are going to explore the G/L Account Reconciliation feature.

In this feature we can manage to post the entries of Ledger and with the help of reconciliation window you can be able to see the actual present value and after posting value on that G/L Account.

It’s a very short but Important topic for the Accounts team to manage entries for important G/L accounts. In most common the Cash accounts are specifically used for monitor.

It Maintaining accurate financial records is a cornerstone of any successful business. In today's dynamic and fast-paced financial landscape, businesses rely on robust tools to ensure their General Ledger (G/L) reconciliation processes are efficient and error-free. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central stands out as a comprehensive solution offering a powerful G/L reconciliation feature that simplifies and enhances financial accuracy.

This feature provides real-time visibility into the reconciliation status, allowing finance teams to monitor progress, identify discrepancies, and take prompt corrective actions.


Let’s begin the feature in System,

Enable the “Reconciliation Account” Boolean in the G/L Account card and have a look on current balance on this Cash Account.


Now move to the General journal Entries page for the transaction.

Take an example of making cash payment to two Vendors as below so need to create two lines for Payment,

American Wood Exports   5,000

London Postmaster         10,000

Total Payment = 15,000


Now Move to the Reconciliation window, (Home à Reconcile)

It shows you all the G/L accounts on which you have enabled the “Reconciliation Account” Boolean.

Cash Account Net change show you -15,000 and Balance After posting 817.50 because the available balance before posting this Entries 15,817.50 as you saw on Cash account card page.

If you found the “Balance after posting” on reconciliation page is perfect so proceed with posting or do necessary corrections on entries if required.


Post the Entries.

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